Photo credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty

What do you suppose Orlando Magic head coach Frank Vogel and, uh, star(?) forward Aaron Gordon talked about today, at their meetingā€”reported by the Orlando Sentinelā€™s Josh Robbinsā€”about the sudden viral-photo-sparked rumor that the organization might be hoping to trade Gordon for Philadelphia 76ers rookie forward Dario Å arić? Here is how I like to imagine it went:

VOGEL: Donā€™t worry, Aaron, thereā€™s no way the 76ers would be dumb enough to take you back in return for Å arić, who is better than you in addition to being cheaper and further from free-agency.

GORDON: Oh, whew, thanks coach, thatā€™s a relieā€”[color drains from face]

VOGEL: [chuckling] I mean come on, nobodyā€™s that stupid, right?

If anybody in the Orlando organizationā€”Vogel, Gordon, general-manager-for-the-next-eight-days Rob Hennigan, the guy who fills the water jug,Ā anybodyā€”actually thinks that trade could happen, disband the entire franchise. Contract it. Burn the uniforms. Salt the ashes. The Magic are doomed.


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