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Manning Heroically Leads Colts Over Sucky Team, Into Playoffs

Illustration for article titled Manning Heroically Leads Colts Over Sucky Team, Into Playoffs

With their big 31-24 victory over the Jaguars last night, the Colts are back in the playoffs with their sixth consecutive 11-win season, meaning that this kid can invite friends into his room again.


Yes, with his 364-yard, three-touchdown, come-from-behind effort, the Peyton Manning Fathead is suddenly cool once more. Although that wall looks a little busy; who is this kid, Lil' Ronnie? But still, it's an improvement over his previous decoration.


So are the Colts the hottest team in football? Will every child now requite a Manning Fathead, or at least Dallas Clark? NBCSports' Mike Celizic, for one, is not impressed.

The Colts’ eighth straight win put them in the playoffs for the seventh straight year and gave them their sixth straight 11-win season. Those are impressive numbers, but they’ve been compiled mostly against second-tier teams. And most of the wins have been agonizingly close.

The Colts started the season 3-4 and didn’t start rolling until an 18-15 win over the New England Patriots on Nov. 2. The following week, they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 24-20. Since then, they’ve beaten a string of losers and few of them have been easy: the Houston Texans by six, the San Diego Chargers by three, the Cleveland Browns by four, the Cincinnati Bengals by 32, the Detroit Lions by 10 and now the Jags by seven. That’s eight wins, with just two of them by more than a touchdown.

But isn't eight straight wins, well, eight straight wins? With their knack for winning games late, I don't see the Colts really being outclassed by anyone in the AFC right now. As long as Manning stays healthy — oh no, look out! — they have as good a shot at making the Super Bowl as anyone. Right? No? OK, sorry.

Wonder what's on that kid's computer screen? Let's take a look and ... oh. So that's how the middle school janitor got those cheerleader photos.


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