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Media Approval Ratings: Gregg Doyel

We've had some fun with Gregg Doyel around these parts — we'd actually forgotten about all that "glog" business, though we think we and Doyel had the world's best ever Glog Feud — but generally speaking, we think he livens the place up over at CBS Sportsline.


But we've never gotten over this outfit; he wore it on CNN's Reliable Sources. (It was an episode we were on as well; contrasting with Doyel, we looked like Wally Cleaver. We worked this angle, a tactic that would benefit us later as well.) Hey, Gregg, you're on TV: Try something with a collar. Or at least something without numbers on the front.

Anyway, it's a Friday, and we're counting days. We had to fit Doyel in.

So, do you like the Gregg Doyel? Do you not like the Gregg Doyel?


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