Scottsdale (Ariz.) police have confirmed that they're investigating a sexual assault claim against 24-year-old reclamation project Michael Beasley. The incident reportedly took place on Jan. 13.

No details have been released, and police have put out only a brief statement:

β€œAt this point we can only say the investigation is ongoing,” said David Pubins, Scottsdale police spokesman. β€œWe are interviewing those involved and processing any physical evidence we may have to try and determine if criminal charges are appropriate.”


Beasley just finished the first year of a three-year, $18 million deal with the Suns, who figured he was worth the risk. The off-the-court stuff has been bad, if minor: Weed, weed, rehab, booze boat, more weed, fan mushing, driving violations. The on-the-court stuff hasn't been much better.