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Mike Francesa And His Callers Talked Michael Sam And It Was Not Good

One of the dirty secrets about Mike Francesa is that underneath his lovable, old-man-watching-sports-from-an-oversized-recliner persona is someone who's... not so great when it comes to talking about gay people. His thoughts on the topic have always been more than a little perplexed.


So it's no surprise that Francesa's show didn't really offer a compelling point of view when the topic of Michael Sam came up today. When not giving a sympathetic platform to chuckleheads who wanted to argue that Michael Sam coming out "isn't news," he offered his own semi-sneering take on the situation:

Listen, if you are a regular player, just a normal, everyday football player getting ready for the NFL draft, you don't discuss your sexuality. It's not an issue.

He then went on to ramble incoherently about "psychological tests" that NFL teams give players, wondering if "sexuality" was one of the topics on those tests. It was ungood. And then this happened:


I don't even know, man.

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