Mike Francesa And Trevor Bauer Get Into An Argument With No Winners And Two Losers

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Cleveland Indians pitcher and online edgelord Trevor Bauer is one of the big names to watch ahead of next week’s MLB trade deadline. The team’s on a nice little surge at the moment and is only two games behind the AL Central-leading Twins, but if it shifts into asset collection mode, Bauer is probably the most valuable trade piece.

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees could sure use an ace pitcher right about now. Seems like a solid match, yeah? Not so, according to irritable pastrami structure Mike Francesa:


While the idea of Francesa calling someone else a fool is certainly fascinating, it doesn’t take too much of a stretch to imagine Bauer flipping out and pulling whatever the online-brained libertarian version of a John Rocker would be—something involving Twitter and the phrase “You have to be a monster to stay alive,” probably.

At any rate, Bauer noticed Francesa’s take late last night and did his thing:


Francesa got around to responding today, and it turns out the man’s opinion of Bauer was not changed overnight. Still a fool!


Not at all sure what that second sentence is supposed to mean. Interesting to note that Bauer considers being tagged in a tweet of a simulcast hot-take show an example of the failures of “traditional media,” unless he’s just using “traditional media is dying because it sucks lol” as a cheap cudgel to wield willy-nilly against anyone who doesn’t like him. At any rate, someone should let him know that the Twitter account doesn’t belong to Francesa, or his show. Come to think of it, maybe Bauer really isn’t cut out for the scrutiny of New York media.