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Mike Francesa Offers Touching Words On Stan Lee's Passing: "Oh, Who Cares?"

It’s probably too much to ask Mike Francesa to be compassionate on the air, or to admit that he should have known something he didn’t know. But come on, Mike, the guy just died! The least you could do is muster up something better than, “Who cares?”

For those who can’t watch the video, a caller asked Francesa for his thoughts on Stan Lee’s death. Francesa’s first response was, “Stan Lee? I don’t know who he is.” The caller apparently then hung up, and Francesa was informed that Lee was “one of the creators of Marvel Comics.” Mike was unmoved.


“Oh, who cares? I’m sorry, I’m not a comic book guy,” Francesa said.

“Oh, he created Spider-Man? Sorry. I never was a comic book reader as a kid. I apologize.”

At least Stan Lee’s name is easy to pronounce.

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