Mmmmm ... Super Bowl Ad Controversy

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Well, that was $2.5 million well spent. Not only did the "Snickers car mechanics kiss" Super Bowl ad horrify Rex Grossman, but it has also angered gay and human rights groups, NASCAR fans, makers of other candy, lovers of motor oil, Puppy Bowl III participants, Muslims and most species of fish. (In case you missed it, two car mechanics begin eating the same candy bar, causing them to inadvertently kiss. Mortified, they then decide they have to do "something manly.") Snickers had this whole thing planned in which one goes to its Web site and votes for their favorite ending to the ad (there are four versions), with the winner to be announced during the Daytona 500.


But don't look for it, because Snickers has pulled the whole campaign. An immediate outcry from AMERICAblog, Towelroad, The Human Rights Campaign, Matthew Shepard Foundation and others, calling the ads homophobic, has caused Snickers to cut and run.

From AMERICAblog:

Masterfoods, Mars and Snickers parent company (or something), called to let me know that while humor is highly subjective, and their target market for the ads did give them positive feedback (that would be the neanderthal gay-bashing fans of Snickers?), they did not intend to offend anyone and will not be airing any of the four ads ever again, nor will they be airing the commentary from the NFL players responding to the ads. This includes not airing the ads during the Daytona 500, which they had earlier said they planned to do.

So now that that's settled, can we do something about the robot committing suicided GM ad? Boy, it sure was nice for GM to remind everyone that robots now make all their cars, replacing human workers who might have tried to kill themselves after losing their job to a freaking robot.

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