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More Last Minute Gift Ideas: A Murder Conviction

A Yankee fan who ran over a Red Sox fan with her car after he mocked her team has been found guilty of second-degree murder. Shockingly, the New England jury did not consider it justifiable homicide.

You may remember way back in 2008, when Boston fan Matthew Beaudoin made fun of the Yankees sticker on Ivonne Hernandez's car, so she decided to hit him with the sticker, which was still attached to the car. That deadly incident prompted this heartwarming quote from Beaudon's sister, Faith:

"I want her to rot in a cold jail cell for the rest of her life and remember every day the face that hit her windshield."


Well, that's a real possibility now, as the conviction carries the threat of a life sentence. How do you feel about that, Faith?

It's "absolutely wonderful to have a Christmas gift like this," she told CNN.

Joy to the world, everyone!

Woman convicted of killing man who taunted her over N.Y. Yankees decal [CNN]

Note: Due to "editor confusion," this post originally had the allegiances of the two fans backwards, but has been corrected. This is why the Internet should shut down on Christmas Eve.

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