Mother Of Joseph Randle's Child Says RB Pulled Gun On Her

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Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who was arrested for allegedly stealing underwear and cologne in October, was involved in an alleged domestic-violence incident at a hotel in Wichita, Kan., on Tuesday. Randle was arrested and charged with weed possession—a charge that was later dropped—and now the mother of Randle's son has filed a protection order against him.

Jacobs told KWCH-TV that Randle pulled a gun on her when she attempted to leave:

She says when they were at the hotel, she started to feel uncomfortable when Randle got aggressive and yelled at everyone to leave. Jacobs says she grabbed her child and went to the parking lot with another woman.

She put her son in the car and says she saw Randle pull out a gun. Jacobs says Randle waved the gun at them and threatened to shoot out the tires. She says she begged him to stop because her son was in the line of fire. "I just couldn't imagine seeing my son get shot by his own father," said Jacobs.

Jacobs says Randle finally walked away while she got into the car. "Joseph puts his gun up. He walks back to the car, he looks in it, and then he just punches it with his fist," said Jacobs. "Glass splatters everywhere. There's glass in my son's hair. It hit him and that's when he starts crying."

Both women called police. Jacobs says a friend who was with Randle drove off with the gun. That's why she says police never found a weapon.


Police are still investigating the incident.

Photo: AP