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Mr. I Love This Game Patrice Evra Has Apparently Pissed Off The Weenies At PSG

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It seemed that PSG had taken its final L for the season in its embarrassing collapse against Manchester United, but someone at the French club decided to add one last self-own to the tally.

Former United defender and poultry lover Patrice Evra was at the Parc Des Princes to watch his old club become the first in Champions League history to claw back from a 2-0 home loss in the first leg. Because he’s the most excitable person in world soccer this side of Andrés Cantor, he celebrated in typical Evra form: by going bananas on Instagram.


Evra is a man whose Instagram is filled with videos of him cackling wildly, singing along to every song on the radio, and yelling “I love this game!” as a catchphrase, which means that, by his standards if only by those standards, this celebration was pretty tame. Shout out to suspended United star Paul Pogba for getting in the frame for roughly five seconds before dipping out to let Patrice be Patrice.

It all seems like harmless fun courtesy of one of the sport’s true weirdos, except that PSG has apparently filed an honest-to-goodness complaint with UEFA about Evra’s video. That’s according to the man himself, who immediately hopped on Instagram TV to drop a six-minute advertisement for bewilderment:

That’s Evra taking a long sip from a Manchester United thermos before singing Edith Piaf’s “Non, je ne regrette rien” (off-key but with passion; he’d be a hit at karaoke). Thanks to Reddit user DieNullMussStehen, we have the full, rough translation of the video, which sees Evra attack the new Hollywood culture at PSG that values celebrities over club legends.

While PSG could feasibly pull a James Dolan and ban Evra from all future matches, that’s likely the full extent of the punishment he could receive for, it must be repeated, an Instagram video celebration. Not even a particularly rude one at that! This was a loss that apparently has given PSG starlet Kylian Mbappé insomnia, and Paris is justifiably salty at the moment, but also come on, let Mr. “I Love This Game” live.

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