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Nats GM Says "Fake-Tough" Cole Hamels "Doesn't Know Who He's Dealing With"

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Cole Hamels admitted late last night that he threw at Nats wunderkind Bryce Harper in the first inning of Sunday's game, and the fallout's coming fast and steady.


Nats GM Mike Rizzo talked to Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post, and he is not pleased:

"Players take care of themselves," Rizzo said after I called him this morning. "I've never seen a more classless, gutless chicken [bleep] act in my 30 years in baseball.

"Cole Hamels says he's old school? He's the polar opposite of old school. He's fake tough. He thinks he's going to intimidate us after hitting our 19-year rookie who's eight games into the big leagues? He doesn't know who he's dealing with."


Rizzo also told Kilgore that the commissioner's office should respond to Hamels because of "all the bounty [stuff] in professional football." We've got ourselves a Category 2 shitstorm, everyone, and it's building strength. Finally, some summer fun.

Mike Rizzo calls Cole Hamels ‘fake tough,' calls for suspension after ‘classless, gutless' act [Washington Post]

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