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New Photo Shows Harvard Running Back Didn't Actually Flip Yale The Bird

Clips of Harvard running back Devin Darrington allegedly flipping off Yale defenders on his way to the end zone made their rounds on Twitter and folks understandably lost their shit over it. Harvard-Yale is a notable rivalry, sure, but to see an Ivy Leaguer give another team the middle finger while showboating is not something you see every day. With nothing but juicy Ivy League beef on the brain, I joined in the frenzy and quickly blogged the clip.

As the clip spent more and more time online, the question was raised as to whether or not that was in fact Darrington’s middle finger, or just a normal taunting index finger. Thanks to Harvard Crimson photographer, Tim O’Meara, we have the real story.


Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal interviewed O’Meara after the game to get his take on the situation.

“It was cool to realize for the first time that something I’d seen all over the sports media was not as it seemed,” said O’Meara, a Crimson staffer.

What unfortunately happens now is that the story goes from being a funny moment in a college game to becoming another irritating example of officials not allowing any fun on the football field. Just let the kids be kids, dammit.

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