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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

New York Post Front Page Kicks Nonsensical Ass

Illustration for article titled iNew York Post/i Front Page Kicks Nonsensical Ass

Fenway Park has been in the news a lot of late. There was the touching Field of Dreams-inspired story of the father and son who built their own replica Fenway in the vastness of Oregon. Then the drunken awkwardness of those loveable idiots, Cowboy Up himself and the Yankees' favorite son. And, of course, the stirring, Field of Dreams-inspired celebration itself where even Bill Buckner was greeted to a chorus of cheers.


It was such a feel good couple of days for people who loved Field of Dreams, Boston fans and anyone else who loves treacly ceremonies honoring the past and wheelchairing old players onto the infield—not just for Yankees fans anymore, by the way. And then they played the game and Clay Buchholz gave up home run after home run. And then the New York Post shat all over the whole thing in the most New York Post-y of ways.


100 years at "America's Most Beloved Ballpark," summed up in one bizarre headline (the season being honored, for example, was the worst in New York franchise history). There is no better tribute to baseball in Boston, New York—America, really—than a newspaper's nonsensical coverage.

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