"No One Can Hear You Down There": A Roundup Of Days Three And Four Of The Jerry Sandusky Trial

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The trial of former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky began Monday morning in Bellefonte, Pa. For a review of what happened on Monday and Tuesday, click here and here. What follows is some of what's worth noting from Wednesday's and today's testimony:


• The jury heard from three more victims Wednesday, plus John McQueary, the father of Mike McQueary, the prosecution's star witness who had taken the stand Tuesday.

• The last three victims—Victim 3, 6, and 9—all testified today.

• John McQueary testified that Gary Schultz, one of the PSU administrators charged with perjury and failure to report abuse, "said he'd 'heard noise' about ‪Sandusky‬ prior to Mike McQueary allegations." [@DanWetzel]

• John McQueary said he had met with Schultz a few weeks after Mike McQueary went to Penn State officials to tell them he witnessed Sandusky abusing a boy in a campus shower, but the elder McQueary's testimony was cut short when he couldn't remember having testified at December's preliminary hearing. [Patriot-News]

• Victim 10, now 25, said he was abused at Sandusky's home in the late 1990s, and that he believed Sandusky's wife was home at the time. "He told me that if I ever told anyone that I'd never see my family again," Victim 10 testified, later adding, "He apologized for saying that. He told me he didn't mean it and that he loved me." [KYW]

• Lawyerin' Joe Amendola, Sandusky's attorney, tried to use prosecution photos of several victims together with Sandusky to portray the victims as conspirators. Victim 7, who's now 28, admitted he had once written something that indicated Sandusky changed his life "in a positive way" via the outreach of The Second Mile. Victim 7 also acknowledged he initially did not want to come forward and that he later hired a lawyer and sought counseling because he "wanted someone to help me get through this. I knew what was coming." [Patriot-News]

• Victim 7: "To this day I'm sort of repulsed by chest hair now. I just remember the feeling of it pressed up against my back and looking at it." [Patriot-News]


• Under cross examination from Lawyerin' Joe, Victim 7 admitted he had added details at the trial that he had not told the grand jury. [Patriot-News]

• Victim 7 also said he continued to request tickets to Penn State football games from Sandusky long after he stopped going on outings with him. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


• Even though it was second-hand, the judge allowed testimony from Ronald Petrosky, a Penn State janitor who said one of his colleagues, Jim Calhoun, had told him he had witnessed Sandusky giving oral sex to a boy in a campus shower in 2000. Calhoun now has dementia and was unable to testify. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

• Victim 5 said he was abused in a shower by Sandusky, but while his grand jury testimony said it happened between 1996-98, the man, now 23, testified Wednesday that it happened in 2001. [Patriot-News]


• From another of Sandusky's creepy letters to Victim 4, who testified earlier in the week: "I can pretend many things. I can't pretend my feelings for you." [@DanWetzel]

• A portion of the recording of Sandusky's infamous interview with Bob Costas was played for the jury, and some of the jurors noticeably reacted to it. [WGAL]


• The Costas recording played in court contained errors that were attributed to NBC, and today Judge John Cleland told jurors to disregard what they had watched. Instead, the judge referred the jurors to a written transcript that will be given to them at the start of deliberations. [Patriot-News]


• Yahoo's Dan Wetzel, who's been doing yeoman's work all week covering the trial, caught up with a Sandusky supporter who called the defendant "a saint" and "a wonderful guy." She also said, "When everyone was persecuting Jesus, someone had to stand with him." [Yahoo]

• Victim 3, now 25, said he didn't protest or try to stop it when he was being molested because Sandusky treated him like family. "I loved him," Victim 3 said. [Patriot-News]


"Tickle monster."


• Dan Wetzel on Victim 9: "He was a trailer-park kid, the son of a mom who worked in a bar and a dad who was never around, just the kind of project Jerry Sandusky's Second Mile charity was supposed to help. A patch covering his right eye due to a medical procedure made him seem broken and even more vulnerable." [Yahoo]

• Victim 9 said Sandusky began raping him when he was 14, winning him over with a variety of gifts. The touching escalated to anal sex in Sandusky's basement. "When asked why, with Sandusky's wife sleeping upstairs, no one responded to his screams, the 18-year-old looked down, chewed on his fingers, and softly answered. 'No one can hear you down there,' he said." [Philadelphia Inquirer]


• Now 18, Victim 9 pointed at Sandusky when asked to identify him, but the young man wouldn't look at him. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• More Wetzel, on Victim 9 answering a question about whether he ever bled from Sandusky's abuse: "'Yes,' the witness said, in a chilling tone so matter-of-fact it was heartbreaking. 'I just dealt with it. I have a different way of coping with things.'" [Yahoo]


• Victim 9 kept going to Penn State football games with Sandusky. Asked why he never reported the abuse to anyone at the time, he said, "He's an important guy. Everybody knows him. He's a football coach. Nobody's going to believe kids." [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

• ‪"Sandusky‬ asked Victim 9 to stick up for him during a phone call in the spring of 2011." [@Onward State]


• A lead investigator testified that Penn State police were slow to respond to requests for information. [@kevcirilli]

• An investigator also said Sandusky kept a list of Second Mile kids and "would scan the campers and draw a star or an asterisk of the kids he coveted." Victim 9 had two asterisks next to his name. [New York Daily News]


• Wetzel, again: "...Amendola has been forced to seemingly concede that Sandusky was present when the alleged acts occurred. The line drawn in the argumentative sand occasionally was about whether there was actual penetration or just naked rubbing of private parts. It's not a promising place for a defense to operate." [Yahoo]

• Sandusky will testify at some point, perhaps next week. [@kevcirilli]

• The trial will resume Monday. [@ben_jones88]

• "After alleged [Victim 9's] testimony court adjourned. Reporters left. ‪Sandusky‬ paced, hands in pockets, subtlety toe-tapped chair, defeated." [@kevcirilli]


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