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No, This Is How You Wrap Your Hand Around Erin Andrews' Waist

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From an emailer:

Those UNC kids cant even compare with a good 'ol Boston boy, and I'll show em up with a better EA picture. Was at a Rays-Sox ESPN game this summer, and wandering through the halls about an hour before gametime when i saw her come out of the sox Clubhouse. She was taller than i expected, and iw as kind of in shock, so all i got out was a half drunken "thats Erin Andrews" that i THOUGHT i had whispered to my friend. With my head cocked back to watch her walk in the other direction, imagine my surprise when she turned around, flashed me the biggest smile ever and mouthed hello. We continued walking, and i resigned myself to the fact that i had blown my shot. Fastforward to about 5 minutes before gametime, and my buddy and i are walking to our seats from the RF bar, and as we walk past the ramp for the field crew to access the field/tarp (where all the sideline reporters make their report in-game), i spot her chilling about 5 feet from where us paying customers can go. Of course i can't waste this opportunity, and i walk over to her, and mid national anthem ask her for a picture. She nod's yes, and gave me the 'just a second' look, so clearly i should wait until the end of the anthem. The anthem ends, and she has the opportunity to blow me off, but instead she comes over and graciously takes the picture. The best part about the whole thing, is as all this is going on, some old guy standing next to me, who clearly has no idea who she is, is talking her head off about how much he loves Hazel May (cunt) and why shes leaving NESN. Also notice the wrap around of my hand.


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