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Nobody Came Out Of This A-Rod Mess Unscathed

Even poor Hannah Storm was forced to leave the cozy confines of the Bristol offices and ship her foxy ass down to Tampa to offer outdoor color. I thought she was above sidelining?

The professional screen-grab artistry of The Sports Hernia used this brilliant headline to accompany this photo: "Hannah Storm Emerges From Make-Out Closet For Latest Report." That looks about right. Either that or she got into a scuffle with a producer prior to coming on air. Or she was chasing tornadoes just a few minutes prior to air time. Or she decided Patron was the best alternative pick-me-up since there was no coffee available.


Regardless, this isn't how Hannah Storm usually presents herself on air. Not lately, at least.


Tonight, be sure to watch Jeanine Edwards third attempt at holding a professional interview with Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie. Maybe tonight she'll just slap that drunk hillbilly.


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