Photo Credit: Harry How / Getty 

Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner resigned two weeks ago, leaving behind an offense that was second-to-last overall and in the league’s bottom five for both passing and rushing despite a team record of 5-2. For the resignation to come without warning midseason was unexpected for just about everyone—including his son Scott, who is also his quarterbacks coach (including his quarterbacks coach Scott, who is also his son?).

“I knew that he was dealing with some issues, or whatever,” Scott Turner told the Twin Cities Pioneer Press yesterday, which does not particularly indicate the sort of open communication you’d hope for between either an offensive coordinator and a quarterbacks coach or a father and son.

Either way, Scott says that Norv did give him advance notice of his resignation of “about one minute,” which gave them time to share a hug. He went on to offer some evidence that the father-son relationship is definitely very healthy and well-rounded beyond that hug:

“He still wants to know what’s going on, and how practice went. He’s kind of like me; I don’t know if he has very many other interests, so there’s not much to talk about other than football.”


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