Oh God Oh God The Bull Gored Him Right Through The Face (NSFW)

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Remember this guy from last year, getting a horn under the chin and out the mouth? This one is like a billion times worse. Please know what you're getting into before you watch the video or view the (much more graphic) photo.

This afternoon at the Fiestas del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain, matador Juan José Padilla went up against a bull named Marquis. Padilla loses his footing, and while prone, Marquis gores him under the left ear, with the tip of the horn emerging from Padilla's eye socket.


The video moves too fast to see what happens, but there is a lot of blood. The photo, which you can view here, shows quite clearly the moment of impact. Both come from El Pais, which later replaced the picture with one less graphic. Padilla tonight is listed in serious condition, and there are worries that his vision and hearing may be permanently affected.