Oh Look, Another NFL Owner/Trump Buddy is Accused of Being Racist and Sexist

Jets owners Woody Johnson is under investigation for allegations of racist and sexist comments he’s made as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the U.K.
Jets owners Woody Johnson is under investigation for allegations of racist and sexist comments he’s made as Donald Trump’s ambassador to the U.K.
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In the latest installment of ”Sports Owners and Billionaires Are Terrible People,” we have Woody Johnson.


Here’s what institutional racism and sexism looks like:

Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, scion of the Johnson & Johnson corporate dynasty, Republican donor and U.A. Ambassador to the United Kingdom, is under investigation by a watchdog group for racist and sexist remarks, as well as pushing for deals to help President Trump’s business interests, according to a report by CNN on Wednesday. Johnson is worth $4.25B and the Johnson family is estimated to be worth almost $30B.

According to CNN:

In 2018, ahead of an event for Black History Month — commonly marked at U.S. embassies around the world — Johnson appeared agitated and asked if the audience would be “a whole bunch of Black people,” according to one source.

Multiple sources told CNN that Johnson questioned the need for Black History Month, and he stated that Black fathers don’t remain with their families and that’s the “real challenge.”

Four sources told CNN that Johnson held men’s only meetings at White’s in London until another embassy official told him to stop. Sources with knowledge of the complaint filed with the State Department Inspector General say that Johnson, age 73, also made comments about women that would seem to indicate that Dan Snyder’s Washington team isn’t the only one that objectifies and abuses female staffers. Johnson would often make inappropriate comments on women’s appearance and how they were dressed.


More from CNN’s report:

According to one source, at certain public events, Johnson would start his remarks by quipping about how many pretty women were present — reducing them to decorative objects in a way a source described as “just sort of cringeworthy.”

Two sources said the ambassador indicated he preferred working with women, but he suggested that was because women were cheaper and worked harder than men. ...

Those sources said that it was a struggle to get Johnson on board with an event for International Women’s Day, which is also widely commemorated at embassies worldwide. One source said he asked why he had to do “a feminist event.” However, that event did end up taking place.


However, Johnson reportedly had no interest in participating in an event based on gender-based violence in 2017.

There are also allegations that Trump wanted Johnson to pressure the Brits to move the British Open to his Turnberry golf course in Scotland, first reported by the New York Times on Tuesday. According to CNN, a U.K. government source contests this claim happened.


The White House and the NFL referred CNN reporters to the State Department, which said, “We stand by Ambassador Johnson and look forward to him continuing to ensure our special relationship with the U.K. is strong.”

According to CNN, Johnson did not refute its reporting, and said it is the “honor of a lifetime” to be ambassador and “to lead the talented, diverse team of the U.S. Mission to the United Kingdom.”


Sportico writer Mike Freeman said on Twitter he got a text from a Jets player saying Johnson “has got to go.”


Jets safety Jamal Adams tweeted that “We need the RIGHT people at the top. Wrong is wrong.”

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