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Illustration for article titled Osi Umenyiora Falls iJust/i Shy Of Goal To Get Lawrence Taylor His Super Bowl Ring Back

Lawrence Taylor's son went ahead and auctioned off his father's 1991 Super Bowl ring last night and when all the numbers were tallied, it went for a cool $230,401.20. Further details of the transaction, including who made the winning bid, were not released. But we do know that it was not Osi.


As Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News put it, he fell just 445,552 followers short of making good on his promise to return the ring to LT. But why not just buy the ring anyway, Osi? "Honestly, because i dont know him. If im going to spend that kind of money, it will be because people love him and show it."

That's a pretty weird thing to say and do, no? Randomly inject oneself into a strange memorabilia auction in order to have fans of a player you don't know prove they love him? And then say that is why you are doing it? He is either some sort of budding social media genius or a maniac.

What are you playing at, Osi Umenyiora?

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