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Our Deadspin Super Bowl Bounty Hunt Claimed The Usual Suspect: Jay Mariotti

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Even though I thought our Bounty Hunt post was pretty obviously tongue-in-cheek, some people did choose to participate. No, Joe Montana did not poop on Mark Schlereth's lap, but Jay Mariotti was (again) spotted, drink in hand. Oh, and mackin'.

So congratulations to Deadspin Bounty Hunter Chris H., who won $1.53 for photo evidence of "*ESPN personality drinking alcohol."


Here's his story:

OK, so I'm at The Clevelander last night/this morning in the midst of the SUPER annoying Who Dat Nation (they're everywhere; like roaches) and in comes Mr. Mariotti. Looking so very "This is beneath me" with his mildly attractive in a MILFy way lady friend. He's surveying the scenery, which was very limited, checking things out with his lady and sucking face in the corner. A few Whodater's drunkingly come up to him and try to chat him up or exchange pleasantries, and he's having none of it. I meanwhile snap a few stealth pics of the mercurial one. Then, almost beyond belief he starts walking straight towards me. I'm standing next to the scantily dressed cigarette/cigar girl, and he proceeds to buy a fat stogie. His lady friend then asks me for a light on his behalf (I was smoking a Newport). I say sure, if I can take a picture with Mr. Mariotti. She say: "That's going to be hard; he's kind of weird." So I say tell him I'm a huge fan, I read him on FanHouse and watch ATH everyday. Mind you, this entire exchange is happening right in front of him and he's just standing there with a "look" on his face. But, the mention of his work is a game changer. All of a sudden, the hand comes out the smile comes on and he chats me up for a few second (he like's the Colts; Warren Sapp's a moron). I light his stogie, and ask again about a picture. He politely declines, because "ESPN doesn't like for their personalities to have their picture's taken when it could be misconstrued that they were out drunk and behaving badly, then those pictures could end up on one of those dumbass blogs." All in all though, he was extremely and surprisingly nice. And his lady friend was super cool, and got a little flirty with my wingman who had no idea who Mr. Mariotti was.

Anyway enjoy the pics, and the Bowl. Please let me know when I'm getting my check for $1.53.

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I'm thankful these are the only $ photos we received. One woman was a little too eager to make thousands of dollars last week:

Ha. How many dongs do you want??

What if they r reality/sports stars?

Ja Adande will be w porn stars so that's done.

I can definitely convince some athlete to grab my boob.

I have a clear advantage here.

Ill keep you abreast of the situation.
Ha. She said breast. He he heh heh

Alas, no dongs.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Stay tuned later for a full gallery of NSFW photos we received from readers in South Beach this week. It'll give us both something to do during the whiskey hours.

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