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Few athletes give us more joy, in a "Jeez, look how far this idiot has fallen" type of way, than former Eagles dope Freddie Mitchell. Last time we checked in with him, he was considering offers from Jon Bon Jovi's team in the Arena League.


The guy about whom Patriots coach Bill Belichick once famously said, "we loved when Freddie was in the game" could have himself a new gig: He's in training camp with former teammate Terrell Owens and the Dallas Cowboys. The odds on him making the team are not good โ€” unless, of course, Bill Parcells keeps him around just to make Owens seem comparatively sane โ€” but the notion of him in camp is a brilliant one.

Fred-Ex, baby. He always delivers, though usually the packages are damaged and way too easily covered in soot. Or, if you will, Smoot.

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