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Pat Burrell Not Only Danced Shirtless At A Philly Bar, He Left No Tip On A $158 Tab [UPDATED]

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Yesterday morning, we put out the call for photographic proof of Pat Burrell dancing shirtless while wearing a blazer the night before at the Pen & Pencil, a Philly press club that legally stays open after-hours, when most of its patrons are bar and restaurant employees just off work. The rumor was first reported by the Philly blog Crossing Broad, and while we have yet to receive any photos, we did find out a bit more about Burrell's antics.


I was unable to reach anyone who works at the P&P. I was also told no one there would talk anyway, since a sacrosanct rule of the club is that what goes on there is considered off the record. But a source who's a regular patron willingly passed along a few choice nuggets of information:

• Burrell was there Friday night with Chase Utley and Utley's wife. Burrell was indeed shirtless and he "made an ass of himself," the source said.

• Burrell ran up a $158 tab, but when he paid it he stiffed the bartender and left no tip. When he played for the Phillies, Burrell lived a few blocks away and was known to frequent the P&P. Because he no longer lives in the area, there was no indication when—or if—he'd be back again after Friday.

• Turns out Burrell was at the P&P again late last night, as was Darren Daulton, another former Phillie, though the two were not there together. This time, however, the source said Burrell was "fine" and didn't do anything to draw attention to himself. The source could not confirm whether Burrell left a tip last night, though the source does believe he did.

Update: A person with Burrell's group Friday night emailed to say Burrell didn't stiff the bartender; he left his credit card behind. The emailer also said the group's total tab had to be much larger, but that someone else likely took care of most of it, tip included. The emailer then added this: "Obviously I can't prove anything, just how i remember how it went down. ... Ask ur guy again, maybe he didn't realize the reason [Burrell] came back [Saturday night] was to pay. But really, he doesn't give a shit anyway."