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Patrick Kane Is Living It Up In Switzerland With His Mom

We already knew that Patrick Kane was playing hockey in Switzerland during the NHL lockout, thanks to his appearance in this Swiss hellscape. But what we didn't know is that Kane, the notorious party boy, is currently living in Switzerland with his mom. His real-life mom!


You know how when your mom dropped you off at college and she was like, "Oh my gosh, you're going to be so lonely out here and who is going to cook for you and oh dear maybe I should just stay?" and then you both laughed at how silly of an idea that was and your mom eventually went home? Well Patrick Kane's mom actually followed through on that pipe dream. From the Wall Street Journal:

What sets the 24-year-old Kane apart from the other players, aside from his status as a former NHL Rookie of the Year and Stanley Cup winner, is that when he came to Europe, he imported a support network: his mom.

"And when I got here, I was like, 'There's just no way,'" Donna Kane said. "I cook for him every day. There's only like five stations on television. There's not much really to do. It's kind of lonely."

Adorable! The two are living together in a sparsely furnished house close to his Swiss team's rink, which you might imagine gets kind of awkward when Kane wants to unleash his wild side. Not so!

In Biel with his mother, he has been a homebody. Most evenings after practice, they stay in and watch movies or American television shows on a laptop. Even on days off, he barely leaves the place, and that is mainly to work out at the arena. Donna finds it challenging to stave off boredom-she hardly knows anyone here and her husband and three daughters are back home in Buffalo. But for now she sees it as part of her job as a hockey mom.


Oh dear. Look, if you're a male between the ages of 18-24, do not let your mom read this article. She can't know that this is possible.


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