Patrick Kane Says He Doesn't Have A Drinking Problem

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We're no strangers to Patrick Kane, with evidence of the Kaner's antics often finding its way into our tips box. Most recently, there were rumblings that the Chicago Blackhawks were looking into getting Kane some professional help in order to deal with his boozing ways.


On Friday, Kane spoke publicly for the first time about his hard-partying habits, and aside from giving the standard "I regret embarrassing my organization" rhetoric, Kane was insistent that he doesn't have a drinking problem.

From ESPNChicago:

Kane was asked directly Friday if he has a drinking problem.

"I don't think so," Kane said. "I don't want to put myself in that position again, but no I don't think I do."

So, that doesn't sound like someone who thinks that he needs professional help, which could strain his relationship with the Blackhawks if they are indeed serious about wanting him to get help.

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