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Philly Radio Host Fired After Criticizing Rival Show Over Fake Black Caller

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Philadelphia sports radio station WIP fired host Josh Innes today, a day after he made fun of 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli over the revelation that his white producer Pat Egan created an imaginary stereotypical black caller named “Dwayne From Swedesboro.”

Crossing Broad first reported the firing, which apparently occurred after Innes was getting ready for today’s show, because he still announced the guests around noon Eastern:


Innes, who called Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce a “house Negro” in January, took every opportunity to lay into his rivals Tuesday for the dumb hack bit. Crossing Broad transcribed part of yesterday’s show, in which Innes referred to Missanelli as “Soul Man”:

People are tweeting me about – I’m gonna start calling Mike “Soul Man” now – but Soul Man or Al Jolson whatever you wanna call him, but I’ll go Soul Man – it was a C. Thomas Howell movie where a guy takes a pill to be black – so evidently over at 97.5 they’re a bunch of soul men over there and their whole schtick is that they have fake callers. And then what I’m being told by people on twitter is they’re trying to paint is as everyone in the world has fake callers to the point that they’re referencing Howard Stern and saying the whack pack…no the whack pack are actual whackos who called in because they could get people to call into their radio show and don’t have to fake it. I mean you’d think with your lame, lousy questions, real people would call up and answer your softball, general knowledge garbage, but as it turns out, your callers are as fake as your hair.


He is a guy that is offended on behalf of everyone and everything, that is his schtick. He is Soul Man. But you mean to tell me that you don’t think Soul Man had any clue for a couple of years that a guy that was calling his show was not real. You don’t belive that, and that’s also not the story, by the way. The story is not that there’s a fake caller…the problem is when it comes to 97.5, everything about that radio station is 100% phony. I knew the hosts were phony, because I knew that guys like Rob Ellis were asking to stay on the show with me…or the Cuz shakes you hand to your face and then tells everyone behind your back that you suck, or that Mike’s hair is actually black. I know there’s a lot of phonies over there. I didn’t realize the callers that called the show were fake and they stacked the lines.

And not just fake callers, guys who are WHITE pretending to be BLACK guys. Like, that’s what makes me laugh about all of this. Mr. Soul Man, who is offended by everything…white guilt to the nth degree and he pretends to be boys with all his brothas, HE WOULDN’T LET YOU MOW HIS FREAKIN LAWN on the Main Line. Oh but on the air he’ll pander to you hard and you’ll buy it because you think brothers are actually calling the show. Turns out it’s a WHITE GUY pretending to be black calling the show.”


Innes also tweeted this:


Since news of his firing spread, Innes has only tweeted once:


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