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Pittsburgh Man Wants Home Run Ball That Landed In His Boat

Pittsburgh television station WTAE tracked down the owner of the boat that Pedro Alvarez hit a home run into last night, and he wants the ball back.

Ryan Stachelek says that he was eating dinner in a nearby restaurant when he saw the home run on a TV in the restaurant’s bar. All of a sudden, the picture being shown was his boat, and he saw a man climb into it and retrieve the home run ball. Stachelek thinks it would be pretty cool if that man returned the ball:

“It would be really nice if we could get that ball back. I don’t know what we would need to do, but it would be pretty special if we could get that back. So, if you’re out there watching, we want it back,” Stachelek said.


But Stachelek won’t have the benefit of the law to help get him the ball back. WTAE contacted the local police to see what they had to say, and it seems the ball belongs to the man who grabbed it out of Stachelek’s boat:

Pittsburgh police in Zone 1 patrol the North Shore. An officer who answered at the station Wednesday said no crime was committed since the passerby only grabbed the ball and nothing that belonged to Stachelek. He said when balls are hit outside of the park it becomes a “free-for-all.”


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