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Private Parts: John Daly Questions Rick Reilly's Ethics

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Full disclosure: I have not read Rick Reilly's book, Who's Your Caddy? John Daly has, however, and would like to know just what it is about "off the record" that Reilly doesn't understand.


In an interview with Sportsradio 104.3 FM in Denver recently, Daly touched on a myraid of subjects, including his new memorabilia-sold-from-a-bus business. But the interesting part was on Reilly, who "caddied" for Daly and wrote about it in his book. Now granted, Daly probably does so much crazy shit that it's hard to keep track. But he claims that Reilly used quotes from him that were expressly off the record. Bad columnist! Bad!

"Well, I was a little mad at Rick for writing some of the stuff he wrote about my ex-girlfriend and stuff, because I knew – you put Jack, Arnold and all these great, great guys who set records none of us will ever be able to accomplish – and you put in there about my you-know-what – just the unzipped part, Rick told me it was off the record, and I got a little upset with him over that, because there are going to be kids reading that. And we were just talking driving down the road, and I said, "Listen you're not putting this in the book," and he said, "No, this is all about caddying for you on that day," and I said, "Cause you got some pretty big names in there," and he put it in the book."

Yes, won't someone think of the kids?

I hear that there is actually a chapter in the book entitled "Daly Unzipped," in which Reilly refers to the golfer's penis as "supersized." Now available in paperback.

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