Raiders Settle Lawsuit With Cheerleaders For $1.25 Million

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Well if you didn't think cheerleading was worth much before, the Oakland Raiders have definitely set you straight today. Lawyers for both the team and the cheerleaders, who were suing for a whole host of employment law infractions, have announced an agreement for a $1.25 million settlement.


The money, available for some 90 eligible Raiderettes from the past few years, goes for back pay from the past four seasons, plus additional punitive damages. Lacy T. and Sarah G. will receive an extra $10,000 for being the named plaintiffs in the class action suit. Still, that's more than $13,000 per cheerleader on average.

In case anyone was worried that the entire cheerleading enterprise would collapse with this suit and the others like it, the settlement sets more favorable terms for future cheerleaders. The cheer team will now earn $9 per hour for all cheering activities, as well as overtime pay. They will also be reimbursed for certain business expenses they were forced to pay themselves before. Maybe most importantly, the team has rolled back some of those insane and insanely specific rules we saw back when the suit was filed.


Now see, that wasn't too hard, was it? Now it's your turn, Bengals, Bills, Bucs, Jets...


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