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Relegation-Bound Team Willing To Consider Thinking About Moyes

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When we last touched base with disgraced former manager David Moyes, he impressed us with both his shocking lack of foresight and his optimism at getting a good new gig sometime soon. Well, Real Sociedad may not be in the Champions League, and they might be in the early stages of a relegation battle, but they're reportedly kinda interested!

The Guardian is reporting that the La Liga side is in fact in contact with Moyesie about succeeding their recently fired manager, Jagoba Arrasate.

Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay said: "There are several names, and it is true those of [Pepe] Mel and Moyes."

Aperribay revealed that the Basque club is considering a total of four coaches to replace Jagoba Arrasate, who was fired on Sunday after just one victory in the team's first 10 league games.

"We are trying to get to know each of the four people we are negotiating with," he added.


Moyes has to be salivating at the opportunity, here. While La Real are currently second from bottom in the table, the squad is ridiculously talented and really should be one of the clubs pushing for the European places. (United and Sociedad were actually in the same Champions League group last season.) This is exactly the kind of team Moyes should be shooting for—one down on its luck at the moment but with the raw materials to do some real damage in the very near future.

On the other hand, this could very easily be a disaster. They are, after all, on pace to be relegated if they don't turn things around, and those talented players like Carlos Vela, Iñigo Martínez, and Rubén Pardo might be more amenable to jumping ship in January rather than fighting to get back on course. Sociedad as a club are not known for their patience with managers, so the possibility is high that this ends up a half-season rental to plug a gap before they settle on a more permanent solution in the summer.

And even that is pretty speculative. He's still only a candidate, and bringing a pragmatic Scottish manager to the Spanish league of intricate passing moves, expressive play, and, well, Spanish doesn't sound like a perfect marriage. The fact that La Real are so open about mentioning his name itself is curious. It's as if they're signaling to their fans that they are serious about finding a Big Name Coach. That Moyes is still considered one despite his recent résumé should be both encouraging and worrying for the manager.

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