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Remembering The Great Carl Monday

Anyone who just came across this site in the last two years might know about the genius that is Carl Monday. With our last week upon us, we felt it was the least we could do to reintroduce you all.

The Carl Monday saga might be our favorite story we ever had on this site, which we suppose is fitting, considering it's not about sports at all. (If poor Mike Cooper had been wearing a Fubu sweatshirt, rather than an Ohio State one, the world might have never known.) We think this video is like an old novel you pick up every couple of years to revisit, and lounge with. We just like to see all the old characters again. We miss them.


We were going to try to interview Carl Monday for the last week of the site, but honestly, no one would know what we were talking about, and he wouldn't have done it anyway.

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