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Report: Roger Goodell Has Signed A New Contract

Photo credit: NFL via Associated Press

In a “nearly unanimous” decision that almost certainly does not include one flamboyantly rich guy in Texas, commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL owners have signed a new contract extension, according to ProFootballTalk.

The continuation of Goodell’s tenure, a formality in years past, became a hot topic this fall as the NFL dealt with several controversies, including players protesting racial injustice, its convoluted system of player discipline, and the incoherent anti-player ramblings of President Trump. With Goodell appearing to be a useless leader—plus his demands reportedly as extravagant as an annual salary close to $50 million, with a lifetime private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family—Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (who himself has been acting as a shadow commissioner for years) attempted to lead a small but vocal revolt against the extension. After a lot of drawn-out posturing, that effort has apparently ended in failure, as chairman of the NFL’s Compensation Committee, Arthur Blank, told Peter King that Jones “understands the contract and how we got here.”


According to a memo sent to owners by the Compensation Committee, Goodell’s extension is “fully consistent with ‘market’ compensation and the financial and other parameters outlined to the owners at our May 2017 meeting.” The NFL isn’t tax exempt anymore, so they’re not obligated to release any details, but Jason La Canfora reported that Goodell had negotiated a $20 million annual base salary, with up to $40 million annually in incentives.

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