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Well, it's a big night in Lexington; Roger Clemens is coming to town, to pitch with his son Koby at third base. It's the first of three minor league stints for Roger, all of which, of course, have a definitive financial incentive for Roger Clemens. (The other two games are for teams Clemens partially owns.)

Considering the Astros are four games under .500 and we just saw Clemens pitch three months ago ā€” which he lost, by the way, inspiring the lead paragraph, "Roger Clemens was looking for a much better finish to his brilliant career" ā€” we're having a hard time firing ourselves up for the extra hour of "SportsCenter" being devoted to the experience. But it'll be on anyway, where we can hear Harold Reynolds say, "He's still got it!" and John Kruk grumble a bit, make an armpit noise, maybe pass gas.

We do wish Roger good luck. We do remind him, however: The minor leagues have a different testing policy. So be careful while you're down there.



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