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Ron Artest and John Green, Reunited At Last

Sports history was made today when professional crazy man Ron Artest and amateur famewhore John Green called into Detroit's "Drew and Mike" show at the same time, so they could talk about their friendship and simultaneously plug non-existent charity events.

The two "bros" confirmed their recent reunion on air and made it clear that they have put the incident behind them. Well, Artest has put it behind him—Green will continue to milk his night of infamy for all its worth. The two are "planning" to go on Larry King Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live and host a charity event at Chris Chelios' exclusive chili bar and restaurant. And Kid Rock will probably be involved, because why the fuck not? There's always room for more crazy.


Green says he's doing it for the kids, of course, but mostly so he can try and get his lifetime ban at the Palace of Auburn Hills rescinded. (He's actually excited that the Pistons have Ben Wallace back!) And if it gives him a chance to try some of his special brand of comedy on the air, that's great too. (Don't mind the casual racism or homophobia. That's just good radio!)

Of course, he's not ashamed about throwing his cup—it was Diet Coke, not beer!—or about shoving Artest in the back as another fan took the heat for him. It's just one of those crazy things that happens, am I right? But seriously, if Green could just drop the name of his lawyer a few more times (gotta pay the bills!) and maybe get in another zinger about angry black guys then this whole sordid incident could be over. Or we could drag it out a few more years. Either way!


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(P.S. This phone call was eerily reminiscent of this of a John Green phonecall on "The Best Show On WFMU" back in 2004, where the "Robin Hood of the Hardwood" lays out his pathetic attempts to cash in on his new-found fame. Except that was a fake phone call making fun of John Green. Now it's his actual life. [See November 30, 2004, about 1:15 into the show.])

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