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Ron Artest Back To Selling Crazy. Whew.

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Our heads are still trying to get around the news that Indiana swingman Ron Artest has demanded a trade from the Pacers. Neverminding that the Pacers (and, specifically, Larry Bird) stood steadfast by their man while he was portrayed as Jeffrey Dahmer in the offseason. Neverminding that the city of Indianapolis, when not rapping along with 12-year-olds, still loves the guy. And neverminding that Sports Illustrated article at the beginning of the season that was so nice to Artest that it had him swimming with old people and practically knitting puppies sweaters.


Nope, Artest says he has to get out of town, saying the team is better off without him. Predictably, he says he wants to play for the Knicks, not just because he's from the NYC area, but also because, jeez, do you know how tough it is to find a good restaurant in Indianapolis? Trust us, it's tough.

We support Artest's growing hilarity, and the only aspect of this that bothers us is that, eventually, NBA execs are going to get so tired of Artest that he'll be out of the league entirely. And that will be a very sad day.

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