Score One For The Stat Nerds: Milwaukee Bucks Press Release Cites J.J. Redick's PER

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The only trade of note to take place on the NBA's trade deadline day was the one that sent shooting guard J.J. Redick from the Orlando Magic to the Milwaukee Bucks. As is standard practice, the Bucks put out a triumphant, post-trade press release that includes all kinds of boring statistics and PR-speak and hey wait a minute what's this?

[J.J. Redick's] PER of 16.31 is the highest of his career and the ninth-best mark among shooting guards in the league this season.


Not only did the Bucks casually drop a PER reference, they did it without including any explanatory information. We're just supposed to know what PER is at this point! It's a small but meaningful victory for the advanced stats crowd, whose ideas continue to infiltrate NBA front offices. Hurray for people getting smarter!

h/t Evan