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Seriously, Arkansas Fans Are Insane

We're not sure the true historic nature of what's going on at the University of Arkansas is being adequately appreciated. Basically, a bunch of ticked-off message board fans are doing everything they can to take down the athletic department of their university ... and they're doing a damned good job of it.

The most notorious example, of course, is the Houston Nutt cell-phone FOIA, but now one fan is actually suing the university president and chancellor for fraud, claiming they mishandled the Mitch Mustain situation.


He claims Sugg and White knew of the shady circumstances surrounding the e-mail, and failed to launch an extensive, independent (keyword there) investigation of the matter. Among the actions White did take were sending Miss Beckwith Campbell e-mails suggesting her son just ignore threatening e-mails calling for his transfer. Terry's lawsuit alleges that Nutt's contract should be terminated because he has failed to comply with NCAA regulations regarding coaches.

Arkansas blogger The Hog Blogger wonders if this isn't fostering the, uh, most flattering image of Razorbacks fans, but without getting into the particulars of matters, we find it rather thrilling to watch a fan base rally itself — using only the organizing principles of the Internet and some good old-fashioned lawyerin' — and empower up against what they see as a corrupt regime. And by "corrupt," we mean "not recruiting well enough."

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