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Seriously, Curt Schilling, That's Not The Real Sidney Ponson, Here's Proof

Yesterday, we all got a chuckle out of meme-loving toad Curt Schilling getting into a Twitter fight with someone pretending to be former MLB pitcher Sidney Ponson. Then we all chuckled some more when Curt insisted that he was in fact beefing with the real Sidney Ponson. Then he just kept insisting, and it got kind of sad.

Here are Schilling’s most recent tweets on the subject:


Curt, it’s time to let go of this extremely weird position, and we are here to help.

Two friends who claimed to be the masterminds behind the fake Sidney Ponson account reached out to me, and provided this screenshot of the account’s “mentions” page as proof of their deed:


Convincing! But because I am a diligent journalist who is always on the lookout for fake news, I asked them to provide me with more concrete proof, in the form of a DM from the fake Ponson account reading, “Hillary did benghazi.” Lo and behold:


So there you have it.

I asked why they decided to create a fake Sidney Ponson Twitter account in the first place, and was told they started it because they both “have a weird fascination with decent/mediocre players from the 90s: Ray Lankford, Marty Cordova, Khalil Green, etc.” (Totally understandable).


As for why they decided to pick a fight with Curt, one of the pranksters explained: “I can’t stand Schilling for fairly obvious reasons and found his vote total going down to be hilarious.”


The other half of the duo told me that Curt’s Twitter reply to them came right as he was giving a presentation in class, and he had to deal with his phone vibrating in his pocket throughout the presentation. The pair spent some time mulling over a response that would further embarrass Schilling, but eventually decided that one wasn’t necessary. “Curt was doing all the work for us.”

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