Sexologist Says Brothers In Orgies Is 'Hardly Unusual.' So Don't Judge Earl Thomas For It

Here’s a delightful orgy scene from the 1968 British movie “Carry On Up the Khyber.” Carry on.
Here’s a delightful orgy scene from the 1968 British movie “Carry On Up the Khyber.” Carry on.
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Oh, brother. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but having group sex while inviting your male sibling along isn’t unusual. So says Dr. Robert Weiss, PhD, licensed social worker, sexologist and chief clinical officer for Seeking Integrity Treatment Centers.


Last week, news of Earl Thomas being held at gunpoint by his wife, at the AirBnB of his mistress, rocked the sports world. You’ve got all the juicy elements of a compelling drama: a famous athlete betraying his high-school sweetheart wife and mother of his children; her tracking him down via Snapchat, and allegedly waving a gun around, yelling, “I got something for all you ho’s!” after catching him in a naughty act, in the company of multiple women (luckily, no one was hurt).

There was one little detail that flew under the radar: His brother was there, too, according to TMZ.

To be clear, nothing in the Austin, Texas, police report suggests that Thomas and his brother were involved in any physical contact. It doesn’t even appear they were getting it on in the same room. Not to judge anyone, because sex between consenting adults is terrific, other than the part about cheating on your wife while you’re supposed to be under quarantine. Still, sex parties with your lil’ bro might strike some as pretty out there.

Not necessarily, says Dr. Weiss.

“In my experience, this type of behavior is not nearly as uncommon as many people might think,” Weiss said. “As they grow up, plenty of brothers, especially if they are close in age, will experiment with porn and masturbation together. They may also do this with male friends.

“As they get older, they may double date together, with one couple being sexual in the front seat of the car, the other couple being sexual in the back seat.”

Weiss also cites such activities as visiting strip clubs together or hiring and sharing sex workers as things brothers might do.


“It’s not for everyone, but it’s hardly unusual.”

So that’s good news. If you want your brother to tag along to your next hot orgy, you don’t have to feel bad about it.


Personally, I like to keep all of my group sex sessions family- free, but hey! Actually, I am reminded of the wise words of Frank Drebin, played by the late, great Leslie Nielsen, to the late, great Anna Nicole Smith in “Naked Gun 33 ⅓ The Final Insult”:

“I like my sex the way I play basketball: one-on-one with as little dribbling as possible.”


To be fair, I’m an only child.

But wait! There’s more!

“Basically, lots of little boys start out sexually with circle jerks, and then 20 years later they go to strip clubs together,” said Rob. “So communal sexual experiences for men are not unusual.”


Stuff like this happens. Gonna admit I skipped the circle-jerk part of adolescence, but eh, fine. But I swear if this doctor says that regular Joes and Janes are out there having brother-sister communal sex experiences, I’m going to re-examine everything. …

“What I will say is that, in general, female sexual exploration looks a lot different than male sexual exploration. Because of the differences, sexual activities involving a brother and sister are more likely to be perceived as traumatic and abusive than brothers close in age who are mutually experimenting with porn or masturbation.


On a totally somber note: “I do want to be clear here that males can and often do sexually abuse and traumatize one another,” Weiss said.

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