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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled SHOTY First Round: Isiah Thomas Vs. Marques Slocum

We come, AT LAST, to the end of the first round of SHOTY voting. Yes, it's taken a while; just be glad we have 16 competitors, rather than 64. We would have had to start in June.


Nothing has been close so far — though that Vick race was intriguingly close — but this is the 8-9 matchup. And it's two of our favorites; both are probably underseeded. So:

No. 8 Seed Isiah Thomas
Don't give a shit about these white people, bitch.
Understands what black people can say, and what white people can't.
Explained sexual harassment to James Dolan.
Got gotten by the bitches.
Successful avoided Stephon Marbury's "dirt."


No. 9 Seed Marques Slocum
got a fuck lion now come fuck wit me.

So, vote: We're excited to see the results of this one.


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