Sio Moore Calls Colin Kaepernick A "Freakin Chump"

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After a win as big as the Raiders' crippling of the 49ers' playoff hopes, Oakland LB Sio Moore wasn't ready to stop crowing. He went home, went on Instagram, and continued smack-talking Colin Kaepernick with the irrational confidence that only a young player on a 2-11 team can muster.


Moore posted a filtered photo of him and Kaepernick in each other's faces, with the caption, "There's a difference between boys and Men... Freakin chump."

The Raiders were the better team throughout their 23-14 stunner over the Niners, and Derek Carr was clearly the best quarterback on the field. The excitable Moore registered just one tackle on the day, but all the Raiders clearly relished killing their rivals' season: though the 49ers are still technically alive at 7-6, they're two games back of a wild-card spot, with games against the Seahawks, Chargers, and Cardinals left to play.

Jim Harbaugh's answers didn't answer much.

Why didn't he give Frank Gore the ball more than 12 times, since the back was averaging 5.4 YPC in game that was one score until the fourth? "Why we didn't get the ball to Frank Gore more? Yeah."

What's his take on Colin Kaepernick, who has now turned in his two worst games of the season in back-to-back weeks? "I look at it as a team effort and we didn't get it done."

Will he be back next season? "My priorities are, No. 1, winning football games. No. 2, the welfare of our players, coaches and staff. And, lastly, is what my personal professional future is."


The Raiders have reportedly reached out to Harbaugh, and Harbaugh has reportedly expressed interest in that job. Maybe Oakland should interview some more folks first, because of the two teams in the Bay Area, it's not Harbaugh's that's going in the right direction at the moment.

Add the Niners' downward trend to the clashes Harbaugh has had with his front office, and it's impossible to see any way he returns next year. The more interesting question is whether Kaepernick, whose interactions with the media have grown increasingly awkward, will be back just a year after signing a contract that was touted as $126 million over six years.


It's not, of course, because all NFL contracts are lies. Kaepernick is eminently expendable, because none of it is guaranteed for anything but injury. The Niners can cut him and walk away without paying anything more than the $13 million, most of that in a signing bonus, that they gave Kaepernick this season. Alternately, they could bring Kaepernick back—presumably with a new head coach—for about the same amount next year. He's essentially on a year-to-year deal, auditioning every season. Maybe it's not the largest of sample sizes, but Kaepernick's 2014 audition hasn't impressed.