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We've been having some fun with the Sklar brothers of late, but it does appear that this feud we've finally discovered between them and Bill Simmons has been going on for a while. Well, perhaps "feud" is the wrong word. But it has definitely become heated, as heated as anything can become in the online sports comedy world.

In an interview on comedy site A Special Thing, the brothers address Simmons' apparent dislike of them.

Look, we've really tried to take the high road on this topic and just not engage for a number of reasons. ... The crazy thing is, we've never met the guy. So we don't know for sure if he really hates us. All we can go by is what we've read in his column. And he has taken many shots at us and Cheap Seats in the three years that we've been on the air at ESPN Classic.

Now if we had gone after him on our show, and he was responding, that's one thing. But his rips are totally unprovoked, which signals to us, as well as to some of his own readers, that he's jealous. The bummer of it all is this: we feel like many people who read his column and enjoy his humor, would also enjoy Cheap Seats. And now they won't watch because he's telling them not to.

In the past, we might have put together a poll as to who would win in a fight, but the notion of these guys fighting makes us long for Tonya Harding matches.


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