South African Cops Stole $10K Watch From Oscar Pistorius Crime Scene

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Friday, during the ongoing trial of Oscar Pistorius, a former police colonel named G.S. van Rensburg took the stand to explain what happened once he arrived on the scene. During his testimony, he also noted that Pistorius's house had so many valuables that he worried police would steal something, and it turns out, they did.


From the AP:

Van Rensburg also testified Friday that one of Pistorius' watches was apparently stolen from the crime scene that night. About eight expensive watches were found in a blood-spattered box in Pistorius' bedroom upstairs, said van Rensburg, who also said that he warned fellow officers the watches should be observed closely because they could be tempting to anyone moving through the crime scene.

Pistorius' sister asked if she could take one of the watches, leaving seven in place, he said. But van Rensburg said another watch went missing while he was out of the room, prompting him to order the frisking of all the police forensic experts on the scene, as well as a search of their bags and vehicles, and the entire house.

Van Rensburg, who recalled that one of the officers had estimated the cost of one watch at close to $10,000, said he then opened a case of theft after the watch was not found.

Later, he said, Pistorius' brother asked if he could take the watches. Van Rensburg said he would instead hand the watches directly to Oscar Pistorius, but without the box, which was still being analyzed. While doing so, he asked Pistorius to inform him if anything else went missing, but nothing else was reported stolen.

Obviously, this is secondary to everything else in the case. Pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend last Valentine's Day, and today's proceedings walked the court through photos of him covered in blood in the immediate aftermath. But still, come on, guys.