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Andrew Wiggins did a short interview on SportsCenter this morning, and the questions went from mundane to Bram Weinstein eventually leading Wiggins into making a public plea as to why LeBron James should keep him on the Cavaliers. It was weird.

With the recent news of Kevin Love's trade availability, ESPN was already going to talk about the possibility of a trade to Cleveland for Wiggins, but with the top pick there, they choose to weave that into their questions. Weinstein started by asking the rookie how he felt about the trade speculation, and Wiggins gave a routine answer about improving during the summer. Fine. Weinstein continued, asking Wiggins what LeBron's return means to Cleveland—it's good—if Wiggins has talked to LeBron—he hasn't—and letting Wiggins attempt to publicly convince LeBron to not tell GM David Griffin to ship him to the Timberwolves for Love. Uh.


"What do you want to happen now?" Weinstein asked.

"I just want to play for a team that wants me," Wiggins said. "So, whichever team wants me, I'll play for."

Weinstein followed up. "Do you think Cleveland wants you?"

"Yeah," Wiggins said after a long pause. "I hope so."

Wiggins repeatedly fiddled with his earpiece during the interview, so technical difficulties were probably to blame when he asked Weinstein to repeat a lengthy explanation, about how the Cavs can trade Wiggins after 30 days, twice. Again, the whole segment was odd.

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