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Spurs Win At The Buzzer, Get Crapped On By Gregg Popovich

Photo: Sam Greenwood (Getty)

The 11-42 Phoenix Suns are a putrid basketball team, and their purpose in the NBA ecosystem is to roll over every night and hand out career-best performances to opposing players who aren’t actually all that good. They are so bad, in fact, that just beating them by two points is grounds to get you aired out by your own coach.

The Spurs beat the Suns 126-124 thanks to a buzzer-beater from Rudy Gay. After the game, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich turned himself away from the glow of victory, giving a very brief statement to reporters in which he grumpily described his team’s performance as “pathetic” and stressed that the Suns “got robbed.”


This comes just a few days after Pop showed up his team by calling a timeout 16 seconds into a game against the Wizards. It appears that he is in the middle of Grumpy Season, so all sideline reporters and Spurs players should proceed with caution.

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