Stephen A. Smith Mistakes Washington Punter For QB, Loudly Defends His Screwup

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Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith remembered some Washington quarterbacks who played last season, like Alex Smith, Josh Johnson, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez, and, uh, some guy named Tress Way? Way, of course, was the team’s punter, and everyone laughed at the ESPN loudmouth after it became clear he was reading from a list of Washington passing stats and mistook Way’s seven-yard completion on a fake punt for a start at QB.

Not as good as his Hunter Henry goof, as there’s no perplexed Tedy Bruschi to react, but still enjoyable:

Stephen A Smith

Smith—now well aware of his bungle—addressed the boo-boo on his radio show today. Even though he said on First Take, “Some guy named Tress Way actually started one game,” he tried to pretend he was just going down a list of Skins players who threw passes.


“I ain’t lazy about nothing! I am lazy? I get the word lazy associated with me?!” he blustered, before talking about Gordon Hayward for some reason.

Stephen A Smith Explains

Stephen A. Smith’s fact-checker must hate him.