Photo: Ross D. Franklin (AP)

Back in 2005, Shaquille O’Neal thought no coach would ever match what Phil Jackson did with the Lakers between 2000 to 2004: guide a team to the Finals four out of five years. “It will never be done again,” Shaq said, promising to kiss the cheese-covered feet of any person that did it, on a TV show that was very of its time.

Kerr not only met but exceeded the toe-smooching standard, by guiding the Golden State Warriors to five straight Finals from 2015-19. (This was after Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra achieved the feat from 2011-14.) So far, Shaq has only specified his preferred brand of cheese.


Given that O’Neal already spends most of his time on national TV with foot in his mouth, Kerr’s will merely offer a change in flavor.