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Steve Smith Doesn't Give A "Flying Fuck" About Rookies Who Hate Him

Steve Smith has now successfully gotten under the skin of two rookie cornerbacks. He riled up the Jaguars’ Jalen Ramsey so thoroughly during their Week 3 matchup that Ramsey went on an anti-Smith rant after the game. This past Sunday, Smith talked so much shit to the Cowboys’ Anthony Brown that the rookie declared after the game that he had lost all respect for Smith.

How does Smith feel all about all of this? He addressed these rookies’ feelings during a conference call with reporters today (via ESPN):

“I can really give a flying fuck,” Smith said.


“I’ve had two rookies that unfortunately, they have lost all respect for me, so it’s been really keeping me up at night. It’s tragic. I’ve been losing sleep. With all the lack of sleep, I know we lost, but I was almost unable to send my cleats and gloves all the way to Canton because of the lack of the sleep thing.”


As always, getting mad at Steve Smith only makes him stronger.


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