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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

StubHub Dicks Another Guy Out Of Cheap Championship Tickets

Illustration for article titled StubHub Dicks Another Guy Out Of Cheap Championship Tickets

If there's one thing you can almost guarantee any time a big sports contest is coming up, it's that some version of this story will play out: Man finds astoundingly cheap tickets for upcoming big sports contest on StubHub; man pounces on shockingly good deal; StubHub realizes that the tickets were meant to be much more expensive, panics.


It's happened with World Series and Stanley Cup tickets, and now it has happened with college football national championship tickets. Oregon fan Patrick Leonard tells Oregon Live that he purchased four premium tickets to the national championship game for $414.84 apiece last Thursday. Those tickets were, however, apparently listed at one-tenth their actual cost. But instead of just canceling the order or accepting the mistake and honoring Leonard's purchase, StubHub tried to play shit off real sneaky:

The next day, on Friday, Leonard discovered StubHub had billed his American Express credit card $16,059.36. But his phone receipt still said "$1,659.36 USD."

He immediately called StubHub. He emailed them screen shots of his phone showing "$1,659.36 USD." He told them he expected the company to honor the price on his phone.

He did not hear back from StubHub the rest of Friday.

Leonard did eventually get on the phone with StubHub, and they told him that they were canceling the purchase and giving him a $1,600 credit for future purchases. So everyone wins! Or loses. I don't know, man, StubHub should just stop fucking up so much.


[Oregon Live]

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